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Inspiring Excellence in Primary Education

OUR VOICE - promoting primary education

The Trust focusses on Primary education. During the early childhood years, the development of imagination and intellectual curiosity begins. Pupils learn to assimilate information, to work with others, to listen and to build confidence. If these skills are well earned, a child is more likely to succeed at the secordary level and will have more opppotunities in life.


The Trust operates in the state-funded sector and the Trustees are committed to reducing the gap between priviledged and disadvantaged pupils. The Coalition Government's commendable and radical programme of schools improvement has resulted in 57% of England's state-funded secondary schools becoming academies but only 11% of primary schools. The Trustees would have more resource channelled to the primary stage.


The Trust will maintain its pioneering role by promoting good practice in primary education and supporting academies in practical ways, such as funding for music and arts education and outdoor learning.



Temple Grove Schools Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to raising standards for all primary education.