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Enrichment Funds


Through the provision of enrichment funds to all academies sponsored by the Trust or within the Temple Grove Academy Trust family, we encourage activities beyond the classroom, expanding pupils’ learning outside the confines of the academic curriculum.


In summary, during a typical year we fund:


37 Individual Educational Trips........................ 62 Regular After-School Clubs .......................... 22 In-school Assemblies, workshops & visitors



Plus : Well-being provision such as Breakfast Clubs, Playground/Classroom Equipment and Hardship Bursaries for pupils in extreme financial or social need.



Below are some the ways this money has been spent:



InTunbridge Wells the Academy uses part of the enrichment funding to provide many after school clubs including: cooking, art, football, drama and film clubs as well as singing and ukulele lessons.



Many of the academies receiving enrichment funds believe that some skills beyond the purely academic are essential to life. Therefore they continue to ensure that all pupils attend three terms of swimming lessons whilst in KS1 & KS2. All fully funded by enrichment.



In Hatcham, children in years 3,4,5,& 6 are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. They offer recorder, violin, cello and clarinet lessons. Enrichment funds are used to supplement tuition fees, ensuring they are available to all.


This year 16 pupils took their exams, with 100% pass rate, including 3 distinctions, 6 merits and 7 passes.



In Crayford, Welling Football Club has been running not only football coaching but multisport sessions across both academy campuses. This enables students of all ages and abilities to participate in a variety of sports they may not normally get a chance to try.


The sessions also aim to build

co-ordination, increase skills in concentration, but more importantly promote teamwork and sharing.



Once again enrichment funds allowed year 3-6 pupils from Bromley to experience residential trips away from their parents. Over 80 pupils were taken on two seperate trips to PGL Windmill Hill in East Sussex for Yrs 3-5 and The Isle of White for Yr 6.


The pupils had amazing experiences and came back with stories of fun, conquering their fears and team building exercises.



In one of the more deprived areas in receipt of enrichment funds, part of the grant promotes the well-being of pupils by providing free school milk to five and six year old children and fresh fruit to the whole school.

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