Temple Grove Schools Trust is a charity founded some 50 years ago and springs from one of the country’s oldest prep schools, Temple Grove – founded in 1810 and the subject of the books ‘Cradle of Empire’ and ‘Waterfield’s School’. The Trust’s contemporary aim is to inspire excellence in primary education, particularly in schools in disadvantaged areas, whilst sharing best practice between the state and private sectors. 
The Trust’s objectives are to:
  • Influence the development of education.
  • Invest in projects – placing children and staff before buildings.
  • Provide governance – delegating performance to professional staff and providing them with additional support.


If you are interested in learning more about the Trust and its objectives, or wish to support its work, please visit the relevant pages of this site, or contact the Trust Executive, Alan Jones, to learn more.


Nigel Prescot

Chairman, Temple Grove Schools Trust